Shendl Diamond, M.A., Certified Life Coach, artist and author. In addition to her work as writer and artist, Shendl (pronounced SHANE-dul) mentors aspiring authors, creative artists, project developers and business owners in developing their projects — books, music, greeting cards, workshops, businesses, etc. She deeply enjoys working with people, helping to inspire and support them as they develop their projects and accomplish the goals they set for themselves. With any project, goal or creative endeavor, the most difficult part is often finding ongoing support, encouragement, and inspiration, as well as finding the resources necessary to move those goals or projects forward. Shendl’s commitment to helping others, the planet, nature and animals is a prominent aspect of her artwork, her writings and her coaching. Shendl has for many years worked to rescue animals that have been abandoned and abused. She is frequently called upon to support other animal lovers who are grieving the loss of a beloved companion..
Lora de la Cruz, M.Ed., (Lora Ann) Certified Life Coach and author, considers being mother of her two children her most important and fascinating “project” to date. She also teaches literacy, life skills, yoga and meditation to kids and adults. While working with Deepak Chopra at the Chopra Center for Well-Being, Lora developed a children’s program based on Dr. Chopra’s “Seven Spiritual Laws.” Lora shares her passion for learning and teaching through workshops and seminars that empower others through her nonprofit organization, The Inner Wisdom Institute. As the published author of children’s stories, short stories, educational articles and a multicultural program for literacy and character development, Lora also mentors aspiring authors. Her dreams include but are not limited to raising healthy, loving and compassionate kids, world domination through peaceful and creative living, and unlimited toffee-nut lattes.
Hannah Shaffer, Illustrator, was a high-school senior when she completed the illustrations for Seven Stories to Live By. At the time she listed her hobbies as writing, painting, drawing, drama, and singing. She was featured as one of Delaware County’s Young Emerging Artists. She was also a member of the National Honor Society and the National Music Honor Society. Hannah is an avid reader and passionate about creating awareness and change in the areas of equality, environmental issues, human rights, and animal rights. Hannah has since graduated from Hampshire College. She created a vibrant community youth program and community center called Owl and Raven in Northampton, Massachusetts where she currently works.
Yani, along with her siblings, was rescued 15 years ago. She enjoyed enthusiastic conversations, eating, spending time with friends and writing stories about her experiences. She was a very loving, affectionate and opinionated critter angel. Sadly little Yani passed away 2 days before her book arrived from the printer. She was always an amazing critter angel and we know she is now watching over all of us and continuing to help with our projects.
LikeMinds Press is a design, publishing, and coaching firm that offers a variety of products and services to their clients and to the public. We assist our clients in reaching their personal and business goals through coaching, mentoring, workshops, books/materials, as well as through hands-on support and product development. Our services, to name a few, include assistance in personal growth, business development, publishing, design, branding, corporate identity (such as logo and website development, etc.) as well as the development of creative endeavors (books, CD’s, manuscripts, videos, etc.). We also offer a variety of beautiful gift items including lasercut stationery, art, journals, and gift books. We look forward to meeting you and working with you.
The projects developed at LikeMinds® Press would not be possible without an amazing support team to whom we are eternally grateful. Gigantic thank yous to Phil, Lisa Polikov, Tim (our stellar web-guy at, Mary, and the extremely essential Billy and Grant just to name a few. It takes a village to get creative ventures out into the world.

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